Service Design for Social Good

STREAT is a social enterprise that helps young people out of homelessness by providing hospitality training and services. STREAT’s head of marketing approached GA with a service design brief to implement an idea that they had been looking to implement for some time. The idea was based around the opportunity for STREAT to leverage off their existing relationships with local restaurants.

The concept in the brief was called “Split the Bill” where half of a customer’s total bill would be passed on to STREAT as a donation. STREAT wanted to implement this in a way that also created an amazing experience for the customer of the respective restaurant. This would come to the customer as a surprise, at no cost to them, and be very simple for all involved. STREAT wanted the customers to be delighted, tell their friends, and generate positive word of mouth and social media for both the restaurant and STREAT.

To begin with we questioned the why behind the idea and worked on ways we could unravel the real purpose and meaning behind it. The real problem to solve.

This is a summary of our process:

  • – Initial client meeting with STREAT
  • – Initial research – contextual inquiry, comparative analysis, user research
  • – Meeting with STREAT and possible restaurant partner (Cookie)
  • – Affinity mapping to gain early insights
  • – Analysing relevant insights from previous research conducted by Heath Wallace
  • – Workshops 1 and 2 – Point of View and How Might We statement
  • – More client discussions
  • – Workshop 3 – stakeholder values gathering, which we ran similar to a design studio
  • – Documented customer journeys to draw insights
  • – Created empathy maps based on our research
  • – Design studio workshop – to come up with a creative solution to the How Might We
  • – Made physical prototypes of design studio ideas
  • – Ran user testing with 7 people fitting diverse customer profiles
  • – Analysed results to decide upon most effective solution
  • – Presented to STREAT team and received feedback
Empathy maps final a
Empathy maps final a2
Empathy maps final a3
customer journey takeaways
design studio
workshop participants
streat delight prototypes-1
streat delight co-creation

Through all the research, workshops, meetings, ideation, validation and prototyping we came up with a solution we now call STREATdelights. These are complimentary treats co-created by a STREAT program graduate and a chef from a partner restaurant.

This solution ticks all the boxes for STREAT and the proposed restaurant. The client believes this is an excellent solution for their current need to improve graduate outcomes and has true viability.

The client plans to continue further developing the solution into a full project that they will implement. Further work that is required includes detail into the execution of this strategy and an assessment of suitable restaurant partners. The STREAT youth program co-ordinator will be involved in this process to ensure participating restaurants are able to provide a safe environment for new graduates.